An Integrated Management System For Your Entire Process

GLOCO Oncology Information System provides the ultimate administrative and filing solutions for your cancer centre/hospital. This reliable healthcare system eliminates all the hassle in paper registration, keeping track of medical records, prescriptions, queue systems and callings. GLOCO OIS’s ease of use will highly enhance your clinic's business edge with automation, efficiency and accuracy.

With more than 18 years of experience in providing healthcare systems, GLOCO is a leading supplier in the healthcare system industry. GLOCO System has helped ease administration and filing in numerous hospitals and clinics across the nation and has been part of several successful projects executed by Malaysia’s Ministry of Health (MOH).

The Way It Works

In today’s information age, information sharing has many advantages. The flexibility of sharing information with other applications and systems, whether it is internal, business to government or even business to client, offers dynamic solutions to complex healthcare situations.

Multi-Touch Function

  • Plan and view your reports via touch function
  • Rotate and zoom into patient’s notes, images or x-ray
  • Navigate between visit records with the swipe of a finger

Hassle-Free Setup

Whether you are a single consultancy or a multi-outfit, GLOCO easily accommodate to your needs.

  • Simple network setup for single
    consultation room
  • Scalable up to several work stations to accommodate multiple consultation rooms

MIMS Intergrated

MIMS INTEGRATED containing the following core Decision Support Modules:

  • Drug Information
  • Drug Interaction
  • Duplicate Alert
  • Duplicate Health Interaction
  • Duplicate Allergy Interaction

Key Features

Medical Oncology

  • Chemotherapy Regimen
  • Chemo Pro Forma

Queue Management

  • Supports multiple doctors queue
  • Patient real-time queue status
  • LED TV Real-time queue
    display (optional)

Diagnosis and Staging

  • Drugs inventory and management
  • Allow manual staging
  • Tumor measurements
  • Tumor markers

Treatment Care Plan

  • Schedule for surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy

Nursing Module

  • Medication charting
  • Nursing admission assessment
  • Flow assessment and interventions
  • Patient Label printing
  • Nursing record

Radiation Oncology

  • Radiation Prescription
  • Treatment Planning
  • Simulation

Patient Management

  • For registration of patients and their particulars, such as address, telephone numbers, company, insurance
    details etc.
  • Generates unique Medical Record ID in internationally acceptable format
  • Patient identifications via IC No, Name, Phone Number, Address and etc

Appointment Management

  • Provides seamless interface between doctor and patients
  • Patients’ appointments
  • Collection reports and
    accounts receivables
  • Doctors’ working hours
  • Create, modify, transfer and cancel patients’ appointments
  • SMS Reminder


  • General Ledger
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Financial Reports (P&L, Balance
    Sheet, Trial Balance,
    Aging Reports)

HL7 Interface Engine

  • Integration with laboratory systems
  • Integration with radiology systems


  • Real-time Online linking from prescription to pharmacy
  • Send grouped patients SMS
  • In-and Out patient pharmacy billing
  • MIMS Integrated
  • Low Stock Alert

Medical Records

  • Compiles Medical Records (MR)
    from every department
  • Option of Centralized or
    Decentralized MR Data
  • Multiple Access Points – Allows Sharing of MR Data
  • Easy Retrieval of Patients’
    MR History
  • Off-Site Remote
    Access Permissible

Ward/Day Care Management

  • Create categories according to:
    • Ward
    • Bed
  • OIS images comparison
    (before & after)
  • Traces bed history


  • Detailed Inventory Analysis including:
    • Inventory On Hand
    • Low Stock Alert
    • Costs and Stock Valuation
    • Purchase Order
    • Stock Transfer and Adjustments

Barcode Label

  • Cumulative OIS history
  • Proposed patient’s treatment
  • Documents and sample

Patient Barcode WristBand

  • Instant access to patient records
  • Patient verification
  • Improve patient safety
  • Faster admission and treatment

Operation Theatre

  • Comprehensive Details on Surgery, Anesthesia and Operation Theatre
  • Detailed Inventory Analysis including:
    • Surgery Team
    • Inventory On Hand
    • Low Stock Alert
    • Pre and Post-Surgery Details
  • Linked to Billing
  • Linked to Ward, Store and Pharmacy

System Administration

  • Cumulative OIS history
  • Proposed patient’s treatment
  • System Error Log

Operation Theatre

  • Requisitions for Laboratory, Pharmacy and Radiology
  • Laboratory Test Status Entry
  • Radiology Test Status Entry
  • Chemotherapy Status Entry


  • Cumulative OIS history
  • Automatic Routing to Kitchen
  • Choice of Diet Menu
  • Linked to Billing

Images Care

  • Endoscopy, Ultrasound and Echocardiography
  • Video Recording, Image Capturing with Video Compression
  • Offline Image Analysis
  • Report Customization
  • Visit Comparison
  • Patient Medical Records Tracking

Executive Information Summary

  • View any Critical Reports Online in Real-Time at anytime and anywhere
  • Via PDA or any devices that have internet connectivity
  • Increase Transparency
  • Enhance Decision Making

Fixed Assets

  • Depreciation Process
  • Asset Management
  • Asset Movement


  • Automated Payroll Process
  • Automated Statutory Deductions
  • Employee Management and History

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