Dental Management System For Your Entire Process

Have you ever imagined that your filing can be done within seconds? GLOCO Dental is the only state-of-the-art administrative and filing solution for your clinic. Its superb and reliable healthcare system simplifies all registration, keeping track of medical records, prescriptions, queue systems and callings. GLOCO Dental builds business edge with automation, efficiency and accuracy that gives more time to build more business for your clinic.

With more than 18 years of experience in providing healthcare systems, GLOCO is a leading supplier in the healthcare system industry. GLOCO System has helped ease administration and filing in numerous hospitals and clinics across the nation and has been part of several successful projects executed by Malaysia’s Ministry of Health (MOH).

The Way It Works

In today’s information age, information sharing has many advantages. The flexibility of sharing information with other applications and systems, whether it is internal, business to government or even business to client, offers dynamic solutions to complex healthcare situations.

Multi-Touch Function

  • Plan and view your reports via touch function
  • Rotate and zoom into patient’s notes, images or x-ray
  • Navigate between visit records with the swipe of a finger

Hassle-Free Setup

Whether you are a single consultancy or a multi-outfit, GLOCO easily accommodate to your needs.

  • Simple network setup for single
    consultation room
  • Scalable up to several work stations to accommodate multiple consultation rooms

MIMS Intergrated

MIMS INTEGRATED containing the following core Decision Support Modules:

  • Drug Information
  • Drug Interaction
  • Duplicate Alert
  • Duplicate Health Interaction
  • Duplicate Allergy Interaction

Key Features

Patient Dental Records

  • ‘Point and Click' and handwritten dental charting (adult teeth and
    milk teeth)
  • Patient dental records & history
  • Patient dental pictures and
    X-Ray images

Queue Management

  • Supports multiple doctors queue
  • Patient real time queue status
  • LED TV real time queue
    display (optional)

Billing & Consultation

  • Drugs inventory and management
  • Low stocks and expiry alert
    (5 levels of expiry date)
  • Automatic dispensary label
  • Drugs allergy alert to individual
    drug and drug classes
  • Repeat drug prescribing
  • Print prescription script

Government Requirements

  • X-Ray records and reports
  • Consent Forms
  • Written policy
  • Plan of organization
  • Patient dental report
  • Treatment fee schedule
  • Staff roster
  • ICD-10 statistical reports
  • Drugs dispensary reports
  • Psychotropic drugs reports
  • Itemized billing and invoices
  • Emergency call information

Patient Information Management

  • Patient registration with picture
  • Patient allergies
  • Patient demographic summary
  • Patient label printing
  • Next of Kin
  • Patient medical history

Document Imaging Management

  • Supports patient’s medical
    pictures, old notes, X-Ray and ultrasound images
  • Visual record comparison (before
    and after)
  • Direct link with scanner

Billing & Consultation

  • Panel companies and patient invoicing
  • Patient debt pop-up reminder
  • Collection reports and
    account receivables
  • Medisave billing (Singapore)
  • Itemized billing and invoices
  • Family billing
  • Credit notes & Refund

Treatment Management

  • Cumulative dental history
  • Dental record history and reports
  • Proposed patient’s treatment
  • Manage treatment list and plan
  • Referral letter


  • Patient’s picture shown on the appointment screen
  • MS Outlook design with auto
    SMS reminder
  • ‘Drag and Drop’ to any date,
    month or doctor
  • Support day, week and
    month view

Queue Management

  • User level security
  • Reliable SQL Database
  • System backup

SMS Reminder

  • Automated SMS reminder
    (optional SMS modem and
    SIM card required)
  • Send SMS to grouped patients
  • Advance SMS recall (by clinical & laboratory parameter)

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